Wellness Fest is an event by real people –we are ‘just’ people really willing to make a difference and want to contribute to a better world!

Wellness Fest is about connecting people, activate social change and we need volunteers keen to do commit to do the job with joy, grace and FUN!

Only 4hs here and there …. come and meet new friends, be part of the BiG Family!

Dare to try and you will know what we are talking about it!!!

Wellness Fest is all about JOY, OPEN HEART, SEEKING for the POSITIVE, MAKING it HAPPEN…



  • Photographers
  • Video Takers & Makers
  • Musicians
  • Massage & Other Natura Therapies for Volunteers
  • Promotion, promotion & promotion: are you a good writer? do you know someone as journalist to help with the news? poster design? radio program that will be open to an interview? social media?


  • Promotion: give flyers and put posters up
  • Set Up: Thursday & Friday before the Saturday of the event
  • Deco: Friday 28th
  • Boo Crew: Wed, Thurs, Friday
  • Signages : collect material, paint or put them up
  • Organise Yummy Food on Thurs, Friday


  • Welcome Table: smile and coordinate any assistance
  • Venue Minder: just make sure time, tidy and assist speaker if need
  • Pack Up on the Evening: or we call it party after the party 🙂
  • Pack Up Sunday Morning
  • Toilet Minder: replace toilet papers, make sure towels are there, clean up if needed – in this job, you need only 4x15minutes to get the full ticket
  • Stallholders Supporter and Research: we want know if they are happy
  • Raffle Master
  • Door Prize Coordinator: we want make sure every punter get a chance to win the amazing prizes we have, but we need them to answer 3 questions for that!
  • Feedback/ Survey


  • Chair Massage for Volunteers on Sunday Morning
  • Prep Sunday BrunchPhotographers

Please, feel and fill up the form below and we will be in touch soonish okay?

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