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with Honor Morningstar

A fabulous, fun and profound dance and movement meditation practice created by extraordinary ‘urban shaman’ Gabrielle Roth.

By moving the body you can still the mind. And in the words of Gabrielle, “Put the psyche in motion and it will heal itself”

Based on the five rhythms of






which together form a wave or waves of energy that are intrinsic in all naturally occurring phenomena.

I love these deep surging powerful rhythms…at their most profound, an invitation to awaken to our truth, at their most basic an outrageously fun opportunity to rock the body and dance!!

Basically, you’re invited to: drop into your feet drop into the beat step out of your own way and simply be the dance! You can’t get it wrong! Actually, you will feel quite good!



with Hans Erken

Permaculture Designer since 1979 and was awarded in many ways for many reasons. He was the first in Australia to successfully produce & market tropical & temperate bamboo shoots & other Asian vegetables, principally PHYLLOSTACHYS heterocycla var. pubescens & BAMBUSA oldhamii, Lotus, Chinese Waterchestnuts & various ginger spices and he still provide a large number of varieties at his nursery EarthCare.


His newest passion is on Biochar which is charcoal prepared and used as a soil amendment. It sequesters carbon, holds soil nutrients & waters and lowers greenhouse emissions from the soil.

Hans will sharing his wisdom with us at the Forum on Healthy Soil and you can get his contact directly on or




by Anna Morningstar

Anna Morningstar has been involved in natural therapies for the past 18 years.

She has extensive experience in homeopathy, kinesiology, essences and nutrition and combines these modalities to bring about natural effective healing and wellbeing for her clients. Together with her husband Peter she runs their natural therapies clinic – Optimal Health & Wellness in North Maleny. Twice a week there is a free children’s clinic available to our local community where parents can bring their children to be treated for free. Anna has extensive experience with treating children and their illnesses and her aim is to teach parents to use natural therapies to treat their children and therefore be empowered by the results.

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