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Wellness Fest 2012 – Full Program released!

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We end up having two posters this year!

Choose you fave and invite your friends to come along!

This beautiful green one  is done by Jenny Kemp

THANKS soooooo MUCH Jenny!

Below, it is better for a black & white copy – the logo is from Jenny Kemp and the artwork is from an unknown artist that we search for the name to as for permission, acknowledge and to thank as it express so well what we are about – specially this year!



with Rob Birse

Rob developed a passion for all things organic soon after leaving school.

At some of the numerous organic festivals he and his wife Lorraine attended during the 1970’s, he first encountered the permaculture work of Bill Mollison and then discovered biodynamics at a dairy farm in Victoria in 1978.  He was immediately hooked and since that time has worked at deepening his knowledge and when circumstances have allowed, applying the BD preparations and practices in his gardening work.  He spent 8 years as gardening teacher at Samford Valley Steiner School and has run introductory biodynamics workshops for a number of years, as well as giving numerous talks.

Prior to returning to the Blackall Range earlier this year, he spent almost 18 months managing the establishment of the Compass Farm at Palmwoods, which is intended to provide meaningful work and learning opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

After almost 35 years of working with and observing biodynamics being applied on farms and gardens across Australia, Rob is still convinced that biodynamics remains at the cutting edge of agriculture.

He is committed to extending the use of biodynamics as a powerful tool for the restoration of degraded land in this region and he will be at the Wellness Fest at the Forum on Healthy Soil.



Many people are simply not aware that certain foods, cosmetics and household products contain chemicals that can cause or contribute to ill-health.  Or you may are in another category, super in tune and  have been looking for that small letters on the back of the product as in one way or another ,we all know that toxic ingredients in the products can contribute to many of our/ our family’s health problems .

What we can do? How can we choose it better?

Sure, we could say just don’t eat at all processed food, make your own body care, your own this and that.
If we are honest with ourselves and aware of what we use, we will see for sure many products around us on our daily life, such as the toothpaste!

Author of The Chemical Maze, over 10th edition and published all over the world, Bill will be here to share with us hints on how to identify the misleading information even on many ‘healthy’ products.

Bill studied and practised homeopathy, both in Australia and the UK, for over ten years.  During this time he became increasingly concerned about the detrimental effects on health caused by certain toxic synthetic chemicals in the processed foods we eat and the cosmetic and household products we use every day.

He is a researcher and writer with an interest in health education and a commitment to making a positive difference to the health of people and the environment.

You will be able to support your health by purchasing his books directly from him on the day.





with Maureen O’Brien

Maureen explains the truth about your gene expression, food choices, taste perception and the wellness switch.

Maureen exposes the food & cosmetic industry, and informs you about unscrupulous labelling, the dangers of self diagnosis and Dr. Google.

This is a fascinating journey into how your genes can be switched on and off. This great grandmother is a lively presenter with a wealth of clinical experience and a vast knowledge of the latest state of the art research into wellness, vitality and healthy ageing.

Maureen is a highly regarded Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, International Presenter and Author with over 30 years clinical experience.  Passionate about helping people gain wellness, Maureen is a leader in the field type 2 diabetes, turning off the inflammatory switch, anti-ageing and fat loss.   Being the first practitioner in Australia to hold qualifications from the prestigious Oral hCG Obesity Research Centre & Medical Institute in Argentina she is also a certified Fitgenes practitioner, and a member of The Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine and National Herbalist Assoc. of Australia.




with Hans Erken

Permaculture Designer since 1979 and was awarded in many ways for many reasons. He was the first in Australia to successfully produce & market tropical & temperate bamboo shoots & other Asian vegetables, principally PHYLLOSTACHYS heterocycla var. pubescens & BAMBUSA oldhamii, Lotus, Chinese Waterchestnuts & various ginger spices and he still provide a large number of varieties at his nursery EarthCare.


His newest passion is on Biochar which is charcoal prepared and used as a soil amendment. It sequesters carbon, holds soil nutrients & waters and lowers greenhouse emissions from the soil.

Hans will sharing his wisdom with us at the Forum on Healthy Soil and you can get his contact directly on or




with Richard Giles

Be informed, be aware and prepare yourself.

Richard will update  us on the events of 2012 and 2013 with the planetary moves that give us the opportunity to move ahead from the current crisis we find civilisation in today.

Astrologer for 25 years and a Feng Shui practitioner for 12 years. He has studied the Mayan calendar and the astrology of 2012/2013 and has written and talked extensively on this period and the future ahead for us for a number of years.

Richard also uses a dowsing art called Geomancy which examines earth energies on site and EMF (electromagnetic field assessments of your house and office).




with Shirley Zipperlen

Workshop designed to reduce stress, encourage problem solving and boost your immune system. Oh – and give you an all round jolly good laugh too!
Laughter Yoga technique is a blend of Yogic deep breathing, stretching, simulated laughter exercises and cultivated child-like playfulness.

Do you need reasons to come?According to Rob Mansfield, 10 reasons why laughter is good:

1. boosts your immune system
2. relieves pain
3. improves social life
4. relieve depressions
5. boost your relationship
6. mini work-out
7. protects your heart
8. lowers your blood pressure
9. improves your breathing
10. helps to loose weight.

Shirley Zipperlen remembers her first laughter yoga experience and why she decided to become a facilaitator: “The class was so much fun and brought such deep peace and connection to the participants. I just loved it and wanted to bring the Laughter Yoga experience to others.”

Originally from the UK, Shirley lives in Maleny/ Qld with her three gorgeous kids and offers regular classes & workshops: 0409 235 432

CONTRAINDICATIONS OF LAUGHTER YOGA: Laughter yoga or laughter therapy is not a substitute for professional medical treatment, advice or medication. You are responsible for your own well being. The following list is for guidance only – please check with your medical professional to gain medical clearance and recommendations for your personal conditions.
Hernia – Stomach ulcers – Persistent cough – Epilepsy – Heart disease – High blood pressure – Incontinence – Advanced piles – Severe back pain – Psychiatric disorders – Recent major surgery or caesarean (wait at least 3 months from surgery date).


L.E.T.S. Do It Without Money!

with Ann Jupp & Ella Linwood

You might have a lot of questions how to live without money… come and get to know L.E.T.S.

LETS is a locally initiated, democratically organised, not-for-profit community enterprise that provides a community information service and record transactions of members exchanging goods and services by using the currency of locally created LETS Credits and it is an abbreviation for  local exchange trading system (also Local Employment and Trading System orLocal Energy Transfer System.

L.E.T.S. is spread all over in the world… and you can join anytime.

To answer questions about how trading in LETS works, Ann and  Ella from the Maleny LETS who will share the joy of being part of LETS. They will speak about how it has helped ourselves and others in the many areas of life – friendship, pocket, wellness…and more.



with Sidonie Bouchet

The feet are the mirror of the body – there are reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all glands, organs and bodily parts. Often referred to as a science, reflexology was used 5,000 years ago in both Egypt and China.

In this modern age, Reflexology is a great tool to release stress , clean impurities and toxins, improve nerve and blood supply, and balance body functions.

In this hands-on reflexology demo, participants will have the opportunity to pair up and get a taste of giving and receiving reflexology. Sidonie Bouchet will share with you techniques you can take back home to your family and friends.

Sidonie Bouchet practises Reflexology, Spiritual Healing & Colour Therapy on the Sunshine Coast.
She is a fully qualified Reflexologist from the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane since 2000.
Sidonie has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and a background in editorial publishing. With a special interest in Nutrition, she began studying Naturopathy at Nature Care in Sydney in the early 1990s. Motherhood interrupted her studies and led her to Spiritual Healing. Several years later, Sidonie worked as a Spiritual Counsellor and conducted Spiritual Healing workshops in the Samford Valley near Brisbane. Since 2000 she has gathered Lightworkers for ceremonial performances, including the Fire Event at Woodford Folk Festival. Sidonie writes and facilitates workshops at various festivals and expos on topics including Divine Union, Sacred Sexuality, Partner Reflexology, Finding Your Soul Purpose, Restoring the Lightbody with Colour, Making Love to Yourself and Kundalini Chakra Colour Dance. She has a deep resonance with the fascinating field of colour, and is currently studying Herbal Medicine at Wise Woman University.



by Wandu
Are you lacking fundamental (tribal) consciousness?

The absolute basic consciousness of life no matter what race, colour or creed…
What if, rather than just understanding spiritual connection as a connection of only ‘higher’ divinity, or god, you would be aware of your connection to the living, breathing earth and all that lives on it?
Tribal awareness is more than just being part of a group…it’s more than just doing shamanic journeys..It is about the inter-connectedness of all things, and your place in it.

Be involved, connected and aware.  Join Djangawu in Totemic Alternatives to Connectedness.

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