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Theory and Practice with Richard Whitehurst

An animated speaker and story-teller, be ready to be enthralled as he takes you on a journey into your heart and teaches a powerful meditative practice that you can use to enhance whatever heart-based orientation you might have already established in your life.

Important: no experience is necessary to take part in this fun presentation.

Richard Whitehurst is a nature-centred psychotherapist who’s aim is to connect people  with nature and with the power in their hearts. He says that  much of our stress and depression comes from being disconnected from these two vital sources.

Practicing meditation for over 40 years and received training from a meditation master for over 10 years, 6 of which were lived in India where he studied Vedic psychology and philosophy.

Author with the US publisher Inner Traditions International and has spoken and lectured extensively on the topics of consciousness, personal transformation, and inner growth at universities, colleges, and educational seminars and workshops in the USA, UK, India, and Australia, as well as having appeared on a variety of TV and radio programs.

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