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with Rhonda Ohlson

The Form (Spirit Attunement) and Feldenkrais  (Body Alignment) 

Come to the Bamboo Circle at 9.30am to experience a series of gentle sacred movements called “The Form – Reality Practice” with Rhonda Ohlson. 

Feldenkrais techniques are used in tandem with the “Form” movements to assist you in aligning your body to your spirit.

Rhonda also makes “sacred spirit sounds” to resonate with the alignment and attunement processes.

Begin to learn how to open your heart and connect with your higher self without needing to engage a process of “analysis paralysis”.

  • Express your sensitivity and ignite the fire of your peaceful heart  regardless of resistances manifested
  • Connect to the sense of freedom you had as a child
  • Engage your sense of wonder and joy 

    The Form-Reality Practice, a profound vehicle for deep transformation, originated through evolutionary teacher, Bernie Prior. www.bernieprior.orgYou can view the video:

    Rhonda Ohlson spent the first 33 years of her life in survival and damage control. For the past 30 years, her life has been a quest to be “more” than her conditioning, “more” of who she truly can be, and to share this with others.

    This has led her to learn and teach aspects of Massage, Rebirthing, The Feldenkrais  Method, Bones For Life, Sound Healing, Body Psychotherapy and most recently, The Form.-Reality Practice.”  She has helped thousands of people free their bodies and their voices from the patterns of the past, so that they can be the “more” their heart longs for.

    “I see myself as a sunflower, turning to face and follow the sun, absorbing its radiance, then, in maturity, bowing down my head, facing the East where the sun rises, and dropping my seeds into the earth to give birth to a new humanity.  Come along! I would love to meet you in the heart.”

    Check Rhonda webiste and you can contact  her on 

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