GET INvolved!


We for sure appreciate and value our volunteers.
Exciting volunteer positions, check:


Gratitude on being part of  the Wellnes Fest.

What would be a festival without great stalls and smiley stallholders??

We really do appreciate your booking – we are weaving something much deeper and higher together!!!

Please, check:

StallHolders WF12Terms & Conditions – to read & agree :)

StallHolders WF12 ApplicationForm– to read, fill out and email it to

Boring paper work, but we still need to comply with it…

So, let’s get into it asap, so we can go ahead with what is really important!

IMPORTANT: your stall booking will be confirmed only after these 3 requirements completed:

  1. you receive an email confirmation of the selection approval
  2. we receive the Declaration signed
  3. the full fee is made and confirmed

Our theme this year is MORE with LESS –  oh YES! We do believe it is possible!

We’d like to approach various aspects such as: dealing with finances, getting over an addiction, making love, gardening, meditation, working, walking your truth, music, cooking, singing, expressing, etc …And of course: the mind set on it.

It is a great a great opportunity to get your work on the spot to a very selected niche public and create an unbeatable energy of healing to the planet!

So, if you think you could offer a talk or workshop on those lines, please flick an email with your proposal to PoMei on


We are going to have music through the day plus a performance on the evening. We love open space to new and old talents, buskers, circus performers, drummers, clowns, magicians … all welcome!
Please, send an email to


The festival is run all by volunteers and zero budget, by donating towards the festival, you would help a lot for us to go through some needs such as a marquee, sound equipments, better facilities, refreshments to volunteers, petrol, admin stuff and so on. Contact here to see many ways to contribute to this vibrant community event.


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