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Share the Love…

We end up having two posters this year!

Choose you fave and invite your friends to come along!

This beautiful green one  is done by Jenny Kemp

THANKS soooooo MUCH Jenny!

Below, it is better for a black & white copy – the logo is from Jenny Kemp and the artwork is from an unknown artist that we search for the name to as for permission, acknowledge and to thank as it express so well what we are about – specially this year!


Apply for a stall

Gratitude to have you at the Wellness Fest 2012! 

What would be our event without great stalls? We really do appreciate your booking – we are weaving something deeper and higher together!!! It is all about create a new world, a POSITIVE CHANGE!


Please, check:

StallHolders WF12 Terms & Conditions 1– to read & agree :)

StallHolders WF12 ApplicationForm– to read, fill out and email it to Boring paper work, but we still need to comply with it… So, let’s get into it asap, so we can go ahead with what is really important!

IMPORTANT: your stall booking will be confirmed only after these 3 requirements completed:

  1. you receive an email confirmation
  2. we receive the Declaration signed
  3. the full fee paid and confirmed by 15th Sept
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