Many people are simply not aware that certain foods, cosmetics and household products contain chemicals that can cause or contribute to ill-health.  Or you may are in another category, super in tune and  have been looking for that small letters on the back of the product as in one way or another ,we all know that toxic ingredients in the products can contribute to many of our/ our family’s health problems .

What we can do? How can we choose it better?

Sure, we could say just don’t eat at all processed food, make your own body care, your own this and that.
If we are honest with ourselves and aware of what we use, we will see for sure many products around us on our daily life, such as the toothpaste!

Author of The Chemical Maze, over 10th edition and published all over the world, Bill will be here to share with us hints on how to identify the misleading information even on many ‘healthy’ products.

Bill studied and practised homeopathy, both in Australia and the UK, for over ten years.  During this time he became increasingly concerned about the detrimental effects on health caused by certain toxic synthetic chemicals in the processed foods we eat and the cosmetic and household products we use every day.

He is a researcher and writer with an interest in health education and a commitment to making a positive difference to the health of people and the environment.

You will be able to support your health by purchasing his books directly from him on the day.

TESTIMONIALS & MORE:  http://www.chemicalmaze.com/



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