LOWER BACK PAIN – what can you do about it?

with Peter Morningstar 

There are many reasons why people have lower back pain.

It could be because of some injury or physical trauma to the back, emotional issues such as feeling unsupported or financial or business stress or poor posture to name a few.

Determining the context (mental, emotional, physical etc) of the lower back pain, via kinesiology muscle testing, will help to determine the most appropriate healing path.

With some demonstration on how different stressors affect the lower back , we hope Peter can offer us some solutions for this common problem.

Peter Morningstar has been a kinesiology practitioner since 1994 and kinesiology instructor since 1995.

Peter and his wife Anna run their natural therapy clinic, Optimal Health & Wellness, in North Maleny where they utilise kinesiology, homeopathy and nutrition to address the physical, emotional and mental concerns of their clients.

Clinic on Homeopathy, Kinesiology & Nutrition


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