with Shirley Zipperlen

Workshop designed to reduce stress, encourage problem solving and boost your immune system. Oh – and give you an all round jolly good laugh too!
Laughter Yoga technique is a blend of Yogic deep breathing, stretching, simulated laughter exercises and cultivated child-like playfulness.

Do you need reasons to come?According to Rob Mansfield, 10 reasons why laughter is good:

1. boosts your immune system
2. relieves pain
3. improves social life
4. relieve depressions
5. boost your relationship
6. mini work-out
7. protects your heart
8. lowers your blood pressure
9. improves your breathing
10. helps to loose weight.

Shirley Zipperlen remembers her first laughter yoga experience and why she decided to become a facilaitator: “The class was so much fun and brought such deep peace and connection to the participants. I just loved it and wanted to bring the Laughter Yoga experience to others.”

Originally from the UK, Shirley lives in Maleny/ Qld with her three gorgeous kids and offers regular classes & workshops: 0409 235 432

CONTRAINDICATIONS OF LAUGHTER YOGA: Laughter yoga or laughter therapy is not a substitute for professional medical treatment, advice or medication. You are responsible for your own well being. The following list is for guidance only – please check with your medical professional to gain medical clearance and recommendations for your personal conditions.
Hernia – Stomach ulcers – Persistent cough – Epilepsy – Heart disease – High blood pressure – Incontinence – Advanced piles – Severe back pain – Psychiatric disorders – Recent major surgery or caesarean (wait at least 3 months from surgery date).


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